Service Description

The Validation Service is different from Universal Service, because in Validation Package the experts of London-Rate Administration will check and validate current active legal status of user - private individuals or a company.

It means, that if for example user, who is filling an online calculation form for automatically IP-Valuation will be a private individual (physical person) he will be asked to submit also documents, that can prove his personality (national passport, ID card).

For corporate users (companies) will be required to submit an active trade license or any other type of official registration/incorporation document in the residential country.

# Details Package #1 (UNIVERSAL) Package #2 (VALIDATION) Package #3 (VERIFICATION)
1 Online calculation of value of IP-asset on the London-Rate web-site X X
2 Receiving Valuation Report based on automated online calculations, that can be used for investors, partners, etc. X X
3 Checking the real legal status of user (person or company details) X X
4 Offline valuation procedure with analysis, professional study of all economic, legal, financial and other matters of valued IP-Asset X
5 Receiving signed by Licensed Appraiser valuation report, that can be used for accounting records and other legal and financial objectives X

Validation Service costs £ 10 and provides more credentials and reliability to user's IP-asset Valuation Report (than free of charge Universal Package) due to conducting KYC procedure by the Administration of London-Rate for private individuals and incorporated entities. To get this Validation Service user will be asked to register on web-site (first step), pay £ 10 service fee (second step), and fill the online questionnaire (third step). After these steps - user will receive Valuation Report as a PDF-file with validated data of user.

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